Travel to Canberra

Canberra is easiest reached by plane or car. For flights, you might like to check the following sites:

There are also bus services from Sydney (and probably Melbourne). Not our recommendation, but Greyhound have some services (not a very helpful website, but you may eventually find something):

Rail service is not the best, and you might have to change by bus at Yass. For possibilities see:



None of the conference organisers lives in Canberra, so we can’t organise accommodation for participants. However, the university has a good service (they have been very helpful to at least one of the organisers in the past). Contact them at:

Liversidge Court Apartments and University House are both very convenient to the conference venue, and are nice places to stay at.

Other sites you might try:


Tourist information

There is actually a lot to do in and around Canberra, from bushwalking to vintage rail tours on some weekends (if you’re lucky). There is enough of interest to spend a couple of days there. Take a look at the following website: