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Conferences under "Humanities at the Turn of the Millennium"
May 6-7, 1999 Text, Medium and Meaning
(Niels Ole Finnemann)
May 27-28, 1999 Humaniora og samfundsvidenskab
(Hans Fink, Steen Busck, m.fl.)
4 June, 1999 Opening Ceremony with Paul Ricoeur og Maurice Godelier
Sept. 24, 1999 World History at the Turn of the Millennium
(Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg & Annette Skovsted Hansen)
Sept. 24-25, 1999 Humaniora på universitetet - og udenfor. Kulturforskningen i kulturlivet
(Hans Fink, Steen Busck m.fl.)
Oct. 21-22, 1999 Cyborg Identities - The Humanities in Technical Light
(Randi Markussen & Finn Olesen)
Nov. 19-20, 1999 Humaniora og naturvidenskab
(Hans Fink, Steen Busck m.fl.)
Dec. 3, 1999 Globalization, Cosmopolitanism and Civilization
(Jan Ifversen)
Dec.3-4, 1999 The Welfare City after the Year 2000
(Niels Albertsen & Niels Ole Finnemann)
March 20-21, 2000 New Locations of Culture, New Geographics of Identity
(Magdalena Zaborowska)
March 31, 2000 Orientalism Revisited
(Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg, Frits Andersen & Mette Jørgensen
May 26-27, 2000 Humaniora og sundhedsvidenskab
(Hans Fink, Steen Busck, m.fl.)
September 22, 2000 Space and Temporality in Fin-de-Siècle Culture
(Frits Andersen & Mette Jørgensen)
September 28-29, 2000 Immanent transcendens
(Metafysisk Forskningslaboratorium)
October 12, 2000 æstetik og digitalisering: Tradition eller revolution?
October 18-20, 2000 Approaches to the Internet. The Humanities in Digital Networks
November 17-18, 2000 Humaniora og teologi
Spring & Autumn 2000 Investigating Cultures: Styles of Inquiry (workshop series)

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