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Bruno Mölder


I am visiting the University of Århus and NAMICONA project from 1.11.2004 to 31.05.2005.

MA in philosophy (Tartu, Estonia), MPhil in philosophy (Cambridge).

I am a PhD student at the University of Konstanz, Germany since 2001. In Århus, I would like to do further research on the topic of my dissertation (see below). My latest activity was to give a compact-course on philosophy of mind at the University of Tartu (Sept-Oct 2004).

Research interests and the topic of my PhD thesis

My research centres mainly on developing an interpretivist account of mental states, called the ascription theory. Interpretivism, associated with the writings of Daniel Dennett and Donald Davidson, is the view that having a mind is being subject to a certain kind of interpretation. The ascription theory claims that there is a constitutive relation between the possession of mental state/content and the canonical ascription. I defend this particular kind of interpretivist account against various objections, apply it to perceptual states and sub-personal states. Among other things, I attempt to work out an ascriptionist account of self-knowledge and show how one could explain mental causation in the interpretivist approach.

Other current interests:

• The nature of moral properties, especially McDowell’s moral realism and Blackburn’s projectivism

• Scepticism and Davidson’s externalism

• The development of intentionality in children

• Neurophilosophy

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