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Bodil Marie Thomsen

Visual Aesthetics:
Time and Movement in the Film Media 1940-95.

This project is connected to the programme Contemporary Aesthetic Theory. It is the interdisciplinary intention of this project to show how the philosophic concepts of time and movement, as they are theorized by Gilles Deleuze, may be related to the visual arts. Deleuze´s attempt to demonstrate the aesthetic and technical transformation of the film media as an intelligible process that should be of philosophic concern has had no great impact on film theory. His sensitive readings have nevertheless had some influence. He gives the immanent filmic formation of time and movement in the single movie priority over concepts from narrativity, semiology and psychoanalysis. Time and movement are then given new meanings. As concepts that could include their own becoming in the visual material they strive for some kind of philosophical duration. On the other hand, they give new meaning to the way filmic pictures in movement are seen - as points of departure for thought processes. The well-known hierarchy between word and image is neglected in Deleuze´s text. The aim of the project is to demonstrate how his method could be used in the analysis of diverse metareflexive films that are aware of their own aesthetic tools.

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