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Jørn Erslev Andersen

Project Description

This research project is part of the larger research project "Literature at the Turn of the Century 1870-1918" and is divided into four main topics. 1) Literary and Aesthetic Transformations in European Culture from 1870 to 1918: a general description of the conditions for and transformations in poetic thinking around 1900; that is, in the transition from Romanticism to Modernism. 2) The Music Behind: the reappearance of pre-Socratic poetry and thinking in among others Nietzsche and the George Circle, viewed through the 'invention' around 1910 of Hölderlin as the Pindaric master poet of the 20th century. 3) The principles of irregular composition in the works of J.P. Jacobsen and the so to say tricky link between poetry and nature (J.P. Jacobsen/Maeterlinck). 4) Prosody & the Epistemological Status of Poetic Thinking (network in co-operation with researchers at King's College, Cambridge, among others): the changing lyrical modes in the passage from European Romanticism to European Modernism (Hölderlin/Ekelund/Rilke; Hugo/Verlaine, Wordsworth/Yeats) in relation to the changing ontological status of the "music of the versification" (Wordsworth).

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