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Karin Petersen

The Sampled Generation

The Sampled Generation refers to the young urban generation of the late nineties which at home in our media culture reduce its symbols into signs that fit into home made pictures. The musical material is equally freed from cultural connotation and may be transformed and adapted to suit the individual. Sampling in this respect describes both a musical skill and an aesthetic practice for these trendspotters that incessantly make up and stage new concepts around their own persons.

These individual concepts, however, build on frustration. A feeling that the existing musical genres suffer from exhaustion and rigidity. That for instance Rock or Jazz are unable to move any frontiers from within but need new oxygen from cross-over fields. "You must conceptualize and produce your way out of the crisis in music," says Blachman Thomas who is one of the musical conceptualists this project deals with being an exponent of the cross-over genre known as Acid Jazz. Mike Flowers and his Easy Listening cocktail versions of legendary rock avant-garde songs is another member of the sampled generation. Such as Neo Hippiism, DJ-Jazz & Poetry and Interactive Music Video .

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