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Kirsten Sass Bak

Ballad and Song Traditions in Denmark ca. 1500 - 2000

The project will be a scholarly founded but more widely readable book intended for universities and the (music) educational system in Denmark. The topic is the whole spectre of oral and written ballad traditions as well as the Danish traditions of community singing in the 19th and 20th centuries, revue songs, children's song, and so forth. The weight is on secular traditions, but the 'chorale variants' and other religious group singing, mostly outside the church, will be included. As the main scope concerns aspects of use and function, art songs in popular traditions will be treated as well. The approach will be partly (cultural) historical and sociological, and partly aim at the 'emic' aspects of individuals and groups. Examples of commented ballads and songs as well as select historical sources will be quoted.

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