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Morten Kyndrup

Contemporary Aesthetic Theory

As the Director of this research program I am committed to reflecting on the general thesis of the program in my own research (see program description), as well as to coordinating and ensuring communication among the individual research projects.

My research background is in narratology, especially the question of how narrative constructions establish their effects of meaning through their specific montage of the enunciated enunciation. I further develop these inquiries by examining a number of contemporary works of art. Initially my research was focused primarily on novels (Kundera, Svend Aage Madsen, Jan Kjśrstad); however, it has come to include films (Kieslowski, Tarantino, von Trier), theater (Odin, Hotel Pro Forma), and visual art (Jeff Wall). The constructions of enunciation are examined comparatively in each of the art forms, especially regarding certain problems common to them all. First of all the problem of representation (in this context primarily understood as representational effects), including the question of the individual artifacts' mastery (understanding, knowledge) of their own character of enunciation. That is, the question of which epistemological differentiations can be extracted within the constructions of the artifacts. All of these issues are contrasted to the construction and function of aesthetic artifacts in other historical contexts. Consequently, the relationship between the history of the aesthetic and its historicity is a crucial point of orientation for the project.

Professor Morten Kyndrup, dr.phil., Director of the research program "Contemporary Aesthetic Theory: Current Functional Transformations of the Aesthetic"

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