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Noel Parker

Project Description

Dr. Noel Parker is Senior Lecturer in European Politics at the University of Surrey. He first started working with members of the Centre for Cultural Research in 1990 (while working for the British Open University) when he was drawn into the European political thought section of the EADTU-sponsored "What is Europe?" programme. Various associates of the Centre for Cultural Research were involved in the idea of a European component of the programme.

He was originally trained in philosophy and then, at the London School of Economics, in the history of ideas and political theory. In due course, his work at the Open University led to his book European Democratic Culture (A.-M. Rieu et al., Routledge, 1995).

For many years he has pursued an interest in the impact of revolutionary change on the understanding of history. In 1990 he published Portrayals of Revolution: Images, Debates and Structures of Thought on the French Revolution (Harvester). One of his important tasks at present is to complete writing of a long-promised book on the subject of revolution and history at the end of the 20th Century. This has generated many ideas and papers that he hopes to discuss with colleagues at The University of Aarhus. In addition, while in Denmark he hopes to extend the work already begun with others in Aarhus and Aalborg on the shaping and reshaping of Europe as the location of a distinct identity and distinctive forms of governance.

On a more personal note, Noel is looking forward in early April to the birth of a half-Danish child. His partner, who lives in Copenhagen, provides, of course, the better, Danish half! After long and increasingly warm association with Danes and things Danish, he recognises the importance of developing a knowledge of the language - but asks that anything said to him in Danish should be said slowly and clearly (though the Danes are known to be incapable of doing that!).

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