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English & German e-texts, alphabetical

Jørgen Østergård Andersen: Reconsidering Interviewing. Insight into Human Feelings in Social Relationships (2/05/02)
Jørgen Østergård Andersen: IIlness, Liminality and Attachment to Narratives. Anthropological approaches towards medically unexplained physical symptoms (2/05/02) [summary]
Peter Fibiger Bang: Antiquity between "Primitivism" and "Modernism" (27/08/98)
Line Brandt & Per Aage Brandt: Making Sense of a Blend. A cognitive-semiotic approach to metaphor (19/04/05)
Steen Brock: Lecture for doctoral degree defense: Niels Bohr's Philosophy of Quantum Physics (04/12/03)
Gian Poalo Casula: Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language: Tradition and New Perspectives (22/06/05)
Leonardo Cecchini & Alexandra Kratschmer (eds.):

Ancora un’ultima occhiata… La virtù della ponderatezza Festskrift i anledning af Svend Bachs 60 års fødselsdag

John Clarke: What's culture got to do with it? Deconstructing welfare, state and nation (27/01/06)
Søren Clausen: Early Modern China - A Preliminary Postmortem (05/04/00) [summary]
Lise Hildebrandt-Eriksen: Musculoskeletal Complaints. An Ethnographic Study of Lay Knowledge (3/07/03) [summary]
Birgit Eriksson: A Novel Look at Theory - About Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum (19/05/00)
Niels Ole Finnemann: Redundancy and codes (12/11/97)
Niels Ole Finnemann: Thought, Sign and Machine - the Computer Reconsidered (15/03/99)
Niels Ole Finnmann: Hypertext and the Representational Capacities of the Binary Alphabet (11/11/99)
Niels Ole Finnemann: Modernity Modernised - The Cultural Impact of Computerisation(12/11/97)
Fogsgaard, Lene: Essays in Semiolinguistics (27/08/98)
Erik Gant: Good and bad Eskimos (24/02/99)
Erik Hallager Sealing without seals - an explanation (26/11/01)
Maria Fabricius Hansen: Lecture for doctoral degree defense: The Eloquence of Appropriation: Prolegomena to an Understanding of Spolia in Early Christian Rome (31/01/05)
Per Hasle: Life And Work of Arthur N. Prior An Interview with Mary Prior (25/10/98)
Per Hasle: Telling Truth or Time: Cicero, St. Paul and St. Jerome (25/06/99)
Jesper Hede: Dante in the Hermeneutic Circle of European Consciousness (02/10/98) [summary]
Mariane Hedegaard: Qualitative Variability in Minority Students' Participation in the Classroom Community: The Influence of Schoolmates and Parents (26/09/02)
Mariane Hedegaard: A New Approach to Learning in Classrooms (15/10/01)
Mariane Hedegaard: Minority Students' Upbringing and Education in Cultural Practice (17/02/02)
Mariane Hedegaard: Cultural Difference in Conceptions and Practice Between Home and School and Children's Development of Cultural Identity (10/06/02)
Lise Hildebrandt-Eriksen Musculoskeletal Complaints. An Ethnographic Study of Lay Knowledge (03/07/03)
Jan Ifversen: The Meaning of European Civilization - a Historical-Conceptual Approach (18/02/98)
André Jansson: Specialized Spaces. Touristic Communication in the Age of Hyper-Space-Biased Media (21/02/06)
Richard Jenkins: Problematising policy: culture, modernity and government (7/03/06)
Susanne Langer: "Claiming new things": how bureaucratic technologies make objects and persons (4/04/06)
Karsten Hvidtfelt Neilsen: Lecture for doctoral degree defense: Doing What Comes Unnaturally (29/09/03)
Peter Nielsen: Der moderne Mythos. Hugo von Hofmannsthals Poetik nach 1896 (18/02/98)
Steffen Bohni Nielsen: Civilizing Kwakiutl. Contexts and Contests of Kwakiutl Personhood, 1880-1999. Ph.D. Dissertation, October 2001.
Noel Parker: The Ins-and-outs of European Civilization: How can the margins inform research on Europe? (02/09/98)
Paul Ricoeur: Humanities between Science and Art (22/11/99)
Michael Taarnby: Hani's Tale - Profile of a Terrorist (04/02/02)
Michael Taarnby: Motivational Parameters in Islamic Terrorism (26/11/02)
Magdalena J. Zaborowska: The Height of (Architectural) Seduction: Reading the "Changes" through Stalin's Palace in Warsaw, Poland (26/08/99)

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