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Martijn Blaauw

From 2000 until 2004, I have been a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy of the Amsterdam Free University. I obtained my PhD in philosophy from the Amsterdam Free University on October 21st 2004 (cum laude) on a thesis entitled Contrastivism: Reconciling Skeptical Doubt with Ordinary Knowledge. My PhD project was supervised by René van Woudenberg, and members of my committee were Duncan Pritchard (University of Stirling, UK), Jonathan Schaffer (University of Massachussets-Amherst, USA), and Igor Douven (University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands).

At present I am a visiting postdoctoral fellow of the NAMICONA project, working on a research project entitled “Knowledge in Context”. The aim of this project is to evaluate the case for epistemological contextualism.

Selected key publications

1. “Wamming Away at Contextualism”, SATS: Nordic Journal of Philosophy, 2003

2. Epistemology A-Z (with Duncan Pritchard), Edinburgh University Press, 2005

3. “Countering Contextualism”, forthcoming in Grazer Philosophische Studien, 2005

4. “Contrastivism and Testimony”, forthcoming in Social Epistemology, 2006

5. “Imaginative Contagion: A reply to Tamar Gendler”, forthcoming in Metaphilosophy, 2006

Research interests

I am especially interested in the following topics: internalism/externalism; scepticism; contextualism; contrastivism; epistemology of religion.

Contact information

I can best be contacted by e-mail at the following address: kultmb"at"

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