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Peter Nielsen
Subjektets status i Wien fra århundredskiftet:
Ernst Mach, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Robert Musil
As a part of the project Literature at the Turn of the Century 1870-1819, at the Centre for Cultural Research, my project concerns the Austrian writer Hugo von Hofmannsthal. I am focusing on an important development in his work at the turn of the century, beginning with his reflections on his own poetry in 1896, which is continued in different poetic essays from 1903 to 1907 and in his search for new artistic forms to present this development of his poetic thinking. The devolopment, which can be found in the works of Hofmannsthal around the turn of the century, is very significant and important both for a reinterpretation of traditional artistic forms and for some of the more general devolopments taking place in early Modernism. Aspects of special interest in this investigation are the relationship between tradition and modernity, the crises of subjectivity, the return of ancient Greek and baroque forms in the works of Hofmannsthal, and finally the tension between symbol and allegory in his works.

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