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Let us have articles betwixt us –
Papers in Historical and Comparative Linguistics
in Honour of Johanna L. Wood

(edited by Sten Vikner, Henrik Jørgensen & Elly van Gelderen)

Reception, February 1, 2016

The Festschrift itself (pdf-file, 492 pp., 17 MB)

Web page of the Festschrift (at the e-book depository of the Aarhus University Library)

Web page of Johanna Wood (at the Dept. of English, Aarhus University)


Speech by Sten Vikner / Presentation of the Festschrift:


Speech by Johanna Wood:

Front page of Festschrift / Johanna Wood and two of the editors, Sten Vikner and Henrik Jørgensen:


    This document is http://www.hum.au.dk/engelsk/engsv/Wood-festschrift-reception/
First posted: April 2016   ·   Last modified:  April 19, 2016
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