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Presentation and reception:

Object positions -
comparative linguistics in a cross-theoretical perspective

Research project financed by Statens Humanistiske Forskningsråd (Danish Humanities Research Foundation).
Department of English
Institute of Language, Literature & Culture
Scandinavian Institute
University of Aarhus
Building 1463, Room 416 (4th floor)
Jens Chr. Skous Vej 5

Tuesday, November 8, 2005, 14:30

14:30 Tavs Bjerre & Henrik Jørgensen
(Scandiavian, AU)
Introduction to the functional subproject
(download hand-out as pdf-file)
15:15 Eva Engels & Sten Vikner
(Language, Literature & Culture, AU)
Introduction to the formal subproject
(download hand-out as pdf-file)
16:00 Reception (Everybody is welcome)

Participation is free and open to everybody interested.

Organizers:   Henrik Jørgensen & Sten Vikner

Project website:   http://www.hum.au.dk/engelsk/engsv/objectpositions/


    This document is http://www.hum.au.dk/engelsk/engsv/objectpositions/pres-rec.htm
First posted: October 2005   -   Last modified:  November 10, 2005
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