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from the Ph.D. course & workshop on
Object Positions and Clause Structure
June 14-17, 2006, Sandbjerg Estate, Sønderborg, Denmark

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The participants:
The participants 1
The participants 2

The breaks:
The breaks

The view:
The view

The organisers (Henrik Jørgensen & Sten Vikner):
The organisers (Henrik Jørgensen & Sten Vikner)

Peter Sells:
Peter Sells

Christer Platzack:
Christer Platzack

Per Bærentzen:
Per Bærentzen

Ken Ramshøj Christensen:
Ken Ramshøj Christensen

Werner Abraham:
Werner Abraham

Eckard Bick:
Eckard Bick

Ralf Vogel:
Ralf Vogel

Ole Togeby:
Ole Togeby

Sten Vikner & Eva Engels:
Sten Vikner & Eva Engels

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