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    Sten VIKNER
    Department of English
    Inst. of Language, Literature and Culture
    University of Aarhus
    DK-8000 Århus C

Web page of the course
The Germanic languages and
the SOV/SVO difference

Sten Vikner
DGfS & GLOW Summer School "Micro- and Macrovariation"
University of Stuttgart, August 15-31, 2006

The 8 sessions:
(all from 16:30 to 18:30, and all in room 17.81, KII, Keplerstr. 17):
         Tuesday 15.08.2006, Thursday 17.08.2006, Saturday 19.08.2006,
         Tuesday 22.08.2006, Thursday 24.08.2006, Saturday 26.08.2006,
         Tuesday 29.08.2006, Thursday 31.08.2006.

The 7 hand-outs:
         1. Introduction to Germanic Clause Structure     [24 pp., 0.3 MB]
         2. SOV/SVO and Verb Particles     [28 pp., 0.2 MB]
         3. SOV/SVO and Predicative Adjective Agreement     [20 pp., 0.1 MB]
         4. Two-verb Sequences and Germanic SOV-languages     [32 pp., 0.2 MB]
         5. SOV/SVO and Immobile Complex Verbs     [24 pp., 0.2 MB]
         6. Accounting for Germanic Clause Structure - an OT Approach     [40 pp., 0.6 MB]
         7. Object Shift and Scrambling - an OT Approach (with Eva Engels)     [67 pp., 0.4 MB]

(notice the thematic overlaps
with sessions 3 (August 18) and 6 (August 25) of
Sjef Barbiers' & Hanns Bennis' course, The Range and Limits of Syntactic Microvariation
and with sessions 7-8 of
Eric Haeberli's course, Syntactic change in Germanic.

There is no required reading for this course, except for the hand-outs which will be distributed in class. Nevertheless, below you will find three background papers and four (SynCom) overview papers. At the end of this page, you will find some information for those who want to take the course for credit. Finally, here is a link to the abstract of the course.

The three background papers:

Diesing, Molly (1997): "Yiddish VP order and the typology of object movement in Germanic",
    Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 15.2: 369-427.

Grimshaw, Jane (1997): "Projection, Heads and Optimality",
    Linguistic Inquiry 28.2: 373422.

Vikner, Sten (1997): "Vo-to-Io Movement and Inflection for Person in All Tenses",     [13 (25) pp., 1.6 MB]
    Liliane Haegeman (ed.), The New Comparative Syntax, pp. 189213, London: Longman.

The four overview papers:
(from Henk van Riemsdijk & Martin Everaert (2005)(eds.), The Blackwell Companion to Syntax, Blackwell, Oxford)

Chapter 43: Mittelfeld Phenomena (Scrambling in Germanic), by Hubert Haider

Chapter 46: Object Shift, by Sten Vikner

Chapter 75: Verb Clusters, Verb Raising, and Restructuring, by Susi Wurmbrand

Chapter 76: Verb Particle Constructions, by Martin Haiden

If you want to take the course for credit, you will have to attend regularly and also submit a short paper (5-6 pages) on a topic related to the course.

    This document is http://www.hum.au.dk/engelsk/engsv/papers/stuttgart/
First posted: August 2006      Last modified:  September 4, 2006
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