Health System Reform and Ethics:
Private Practitioners in Poor Urban Neighbourhoods in India, Indonesia and Thailand

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New Delhi Bhubaneshwar Phitsanulok Jogjakarta

Welcome to the homepage of the "Health System Reform and Ethics" research project. The project studies the private health care sector in poor urban neighbourhoods in Bhubaneswar and Delhi in India, Jogjakarta in Indonesia and Phitsanulok in Thailand.

In each country, four sub-studies were undertaken to:

    • understand the ethical and legal frameworks of private practice,

    • understand the clinical work and decision-making of private practitioners,

    • understand decision-making at household level in poor neighbourhoods,

    • to assess economical impact of ill-health and treatment-related practices at household level.

This website provides background information and gives access to the findings of the study.

In June 2007, a research-to-policy workshop was held in Thailand, organised by the project. Policy makers, researchers and NGO representatives discussed urban primary health care and developed recommendations for the three countries. Click here for more information on the workshop.









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